3D Superresolution


The 3DSR Core Facility operates an inverted Leica SP8 Tau-STED3X.

A White Light Laser (WLL) allows to excite fluorophores at tunable wavelengths in a range of 470 to 670 nm. FLIM experiments can be performed using WLL light.

This system also incorporates an argon laser (458 nm, 476 nm, 488 nm, 496 nm, 514 nm) and an UV-laser (405 nm DMOD).

For STED and tauSTED superesolution imaging, two different depletion lasers are available: 592 nm and 775 nm. TauSTED experiments can only be executed utilizing WLL excitation (470 to 670 nm).

The microscope has a transparent enclosure for long-term live-cell imaging experiments that is temperature-controlled at both 22.5°C and 37°C and provides humidified air with 5% CO2. The facility also allows experiments at biosafety level 1 (S1).